Undergraduate Research

Ray of Light

Create, Innovate, and Chart a Course to Change the World

Our undergraduate students graduate prepared to change the world.

From academic internships to fieldwork, undergraduate students at UCR make things happen — and make things better. Across all majors — from the sciences to the arts — they engage in the exploration of their greatest passions, generating innovative ideas and creative solutions through experiential learning and research opportunities.

Faculty mentors help to propel their ideas forward, challenging their thinking and allowing them to create and innovate in their studies and across disciplines. Because at UCR, our students don’t just take courses. They chart one.

Undergraduate Research Portal

The uResearch Portal is the place to discover the latest in undergraduate research opportunities, including faculty-mentored research, scholarship, and creative activities across disciplines. Research opportunities are open to all students, from all majors, at all levels of experience.

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